Data delivery

Are you considering making your metadata and perhaps also digital content available to users from Germany and around the world through the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek? Great! Here’s how data delivery works:

Once you’ve registered your institution with the DDB (see Registration), staff and service points are ready to offer advice on any question related to data delivery and integration in the DDB and actively support you throughout the whole process. We can assist with:

1. Preparation for integration of your data in the DDB

2. Delivery of your digital content

Along with metadata, the delivery of digital content in the form of preview images or high-resolution image, video or audio files is both possible and desirable. Digital content can be delivered directly to the DDB and/or made available through a stable link in the metadata.

Certain quality requirements apply to digital content. The DDB recommends that you observe applicable standards, such as those recommended by the DFG (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft).

3. Data delivery to Europeana

On request we will also oversee the transfer of your data to Europeana, where digital content is accessible through the Internet portal The transfer of metadata already made available through data transfer is conducted according to current, applicable specifications of the Europeana Data Model.

You can find further information on technical specifications and delivery of data to Europeana here .

We’re happy to assist with any questions you may have on data delivery, data formats or technical requirements for DDB participants. Please contact us at:

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