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Details view of an institution

In the details view you can:

The details view of an institution contains the following details:

Details view of an institution

(1) Sector to which the institution is assigned

(2) Name of the institution

(3) Number of objects from this institution available in the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek. Click the number to display the objects as a search result.

(4) Logo

(5) Internet address. Click the displayed Internet address to go to the institution's website.

(6) Location address

(7) Location on the map

(8) Other locations of the institution. Click a location for details.

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The map shows the location of the institution:

Institution on the map(1) With + and - or with the slider you can enlarge or reduce the displayed area.

(2) To return to the standard view, click the Refresh button.

(3) The red mark shows the location of the institution.

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