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Cultural and scientific map

The cultural and scientific map of the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek shows the location of every institution that has registered with the library. You can call up the map, navigate within it and display details of institutions.

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To display the cultural and scientific map, click About Us > Institutions in the navigation bar.

The institutions are shown as circles on the map. The bigger the circle, the more institutions there are in that area. You can enlarge or reduce the displayed area, navigate within the map and set a filter for the sector to find and display institutions.

Map view of the institutions

Displaying an institution

(1) Adjust the displayed area so that you can see the circles for the individual institutions.

(2) Click the circle shown on the map.The window shows which institutions it contains.

(3) In the window, click the name of the institution you want. The page for the institution is displayed: Details view of an institution


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Returning to the list view

To return to the list view, click the list icon List view: List of institutions

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