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Overview of the details view

The details view shows all the information that the Deutsche Digitale Bibliothek has on an object and allows you to search further.

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Overview of the details view of an object

(1) Back to the results list. Click this link to return to the list of results.

(2) Link to this page. You can copy this link to the details view of the object and make further use of it: Links in the details view

(3) Institution where the object is kept: Links in the details view

(4) Data provider's object view. The data provider is either the institution itself or a data pool: Links in the details view

(5) Navigation elements: You can page forward by clicking Next and back with Previous. Clicking Last takes you to the last page, and First takes you to the first.

(6) Title and details of the object: Information about the object

(7) Media such as images, videos, audios, if available: Displaying media

(8) Related objects. For some objects, related objects are shown in the bottom section, which reflect the data provider's classification of the object. You can navigate within the hierarchy and display the details view of the related objects: Related objects

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