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Filtering search results

You can narrow down long results lists further with the help of filters. The following filters are available in the left section of the results list:

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Using filters

To set filters:

Filtering search results by time

(1) Click the category you want, for example Time.
You can now select filter terms which occur in your search results.

(2) Click the filter term you want, for example 20th century.
The results list will now contain only results which match the filter.

(3) You can select additional filter terms by clicking Add filter.

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The list of filter terms may cover several pages. Click Next to page forward or Previous to page back.

To reduce the list of filter terms:

Reducing filter terms

You can reduce long lists of filter terms by entering part of the term you are looking for in the input field. You will then only have filter terms containing your input to choose from.

To restore all the filter terms again, delete your input.

To remove filters:

Bear in mind when combining multiple filters:

Filter terms from different categories can narrow down the results list further. Filter terms from the same category will extend the results list.

Example: By selecting Sector > Museum, you are restricting the results list to museum objects. If you additionally select the 20th century in the Time category, you are narrowing down the results still further: Only museum objects from the 20th century will be displayed. If you add the 21st century, you are extending the results list to museum objects from the 20th and 21st centuries.

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